Survey of all participating Tracks.

1st A very nice Track at the surface to test the maneuverability of your Bike. Accelerate and break carefully and you'll make it.

2nd Much faster than the first one, but with a few trees that will come along sooner or later the faster you are. Can be reached through 1st Track or Teleporter.

  Surface-Track:                        Upper Track:

  Time Thresholds:

  Group A:       55sec.                        38sec.

  Group B:       65sec.                        48sec.

  Group C:       85sec.                        55sec.

Disqualified: BikerHallows Track&Club

Because of unfriendlyness, unresponding Sim-Owner and unreasonable banning of people this Track has been disqualified from this Groups picks.

Be careful. You're not welcome there unless you spend L$.

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