The Event:

The Event itself consists of 5-10Races on a given Track. You can view the Groupchat for the latest News and Event Types, share Landmarks and port over to the Track for practicing.

Winning a complete Event might get you some free Stuff, besides the ‘normal’ Jackpot of each Race.

The Race:

Each Race consists of 5Laps. The Race will cost you a small Fee to create a Fund/Jackpot. After all a Race should have a small Challenge as a reason to do it and a small penalty if one fails. ;)

The Track can be viewed and driven for practice at all times (as long as the sim is accessable).

Fairness & Money:

Due to the Fairness of all Racers, there are a few things to be said. I don’t want any stupid disputes about who won, or who gets the Jackpot. The Race event is supposed to be for the fun of using a Bike for the purpose it was build for: Hitting the Road and showing others your Skill. Due to this, I decided to make the Fee small enough for no one to compare about and high enough to have a worthy Prize.

Fee for  1 Race: 5L$

Fee for 1 Event (10Races): 50L$


There are 3 Groups, to ensure that all the Racers are at least similar skilled.  A-, B- and C-Group. If you’re new to SR Racing you get in the C-Group for Beginners until you get ranked up, or you simply demand having Racers around you that are more challenging.

Event Points:

Each Race will possibly get you some Points. These are needed to win the Event and claim the Bonus Prize (if there is one). Watch the Groupchat for the kind of Event and Prize.

Points per Ranking.:

Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Points 10 8 6 5 4 3 2




Jackpot & Prize:

Every collected Fee will be put in a Jackpot. The more racers apply the bigger it gets. At the Moment there is a cap of 10Bikes for each Race.

This Jackpot is payed off every single race of an Event and will be split up into the Following:

1st Place - 50%

2nd Place - 20%

3rd Place - 10%

Track Support & Management - 20%

There may be more possibilities to split up the Jackpot, depending on how popular SRRacing will be.


The Groups:


Group A:

Only the most skilled Drivers are put in this Group. A good Motorbike, Handling and practice of the current Track will let you become a Group A Member.

You will get downraked to B if: 50% of your Laptimes are 20% slower than the local Group A threshold time.


Group B:

Suited for nearly everyone. If you can handle a bike without crashing into things all the way then is is your Group to stay.

You will get upranked to A if: 70% of your Laptimes are ~17% faster than the local Group B threshold time.

You will get downranked to C if: 50% of your Laptimes are ~20% slower than the local Group B threshold time.


Group C:

This is the Group for Beginners, Newcomers and yet LowBudget Bikes aswell.

You will get upranked to B if: 70% of your Laptimes are ~12% faster than the local Group C threshold time.

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