Second Life Motorbike Racing

The Idea:

Hey there :)

This is the Site for "Smokin' Rubber Racing", a group of bikers and motorbike fans in Second life that enjoy exploring, racing, and collecting the various machines that are available all around SL.

If you own a Bike, you probably know what I mean when I say I love the sound, the challenge, and the experience of racing friends on a newly discovered racetrack. Unfortunately it can be difficult to make arrangements with friends, let alone meet new bikers to share the experience with.


This is where the Talking ends and Smokin’ Rubber begins.

Free Group join...if you read this site :P

----All Races welcome----All Bikes welcome----


The Track(s) we're using may built in an Adult Sim which may contain nudity (or worse :P ). You'll need an Account that allows the Viewing of adult Content to be able Teleport to the Track, join this Group and verify not being of minor age.

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