Notes and restrictions for Bikes and Techniques


Making such an Event fair is a difficult task. Theres not only the Person itself, that should be racing with People of similar skill. There is of course the Bike itself. I've seen a few guys on Bikes that i consider to be on a Cheat-Bike.

Maybe you found yourself one day watching on one of the various Time-Boards, thinking of how some people can have such an extremely fast lap-time (a few even under 10sec). This is because of a little cheating that can be done with some of the newest vehicle scripts. The owner of such a Cheat-Bike sets:

-->the physiqued Drifting of a Bike to 0, which makes it go around a curve as it turns no matter the speed, like it was on rails.

-->the acceleration to extreme, useing an overtuned high gear, making the Bike go 0->200 in notime.


I'm yet to find to out (and translate XD) the exactly numbers of when a Bike is pimped-to-cheating and when it's legit, but know this:


If i see your Laptime is extremely low or your Bike moves in every curve like a Railway,'ll be disqualified and maybe banned!!!

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